LA Times Runs Though Provoking Piece on Freeway Shootings

I know that a lot of blogs in LA spend serious time bashing the LA Times for one reason or another but this piece, “Freeway Shootings Share Similar Traits but Seem to Be Unrelated” is a real stand out gem. Seriously, listen to the information they are hemorrhaging with this article:

“Some of them are gang-related, some of them are road rage and some of them we will never know the motive until we catch the suspect,” said CHP Assistant Chief Art Acevedo.

Did you get that? So, the shootings are either gang-related or not, either road rage related or not, or maybe other stuff that they don’t know anything about.


But don’t think I’m trying to skew this by pulling one quote out of context, here’s a few more quotes are are really filler because they don’t say a thing about anything:

“We’re still working on it, but I have not had many leads on it at this point,” said Riverside Police Det. Ron Sanfilippo…

Tustin police detectives also said they have few leads. “We’ve got a whole lot of nothing going on in all of them,” said Sgt. Mark Hein.

Thanks so much for the awesome reporting, that’s some KCAL quality insight right there.

3 thoughts on “LA Times Runs Though Provoking Piece on Freeway Shootings”

  1. Dude, who are you quoting there? The papers? No, you’re quoting the police. The police are the ones not providing information in this case. How about bagging on their spokesdrones? I know it’s not as cool as blogging about how awful newspapers are, but come on.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with a little uncertainty, and I’d rather know the L.A. Times is tracking the story, even if little progress is being made.

  3. no, I’ve been quoted enough by papers to know if you speak for 2 minutes straight they often pull the one sentence where you sound like a dumb ass and print that – not me of course, I sound like a rocket surgeon no matter what I say, but other people for sure. OR, if that is all the cops said, then run a short piece about how there’s no new info, don’t write a huge piece detailing every bit of info they don’t have. “We don’t have any new info” says the same thing as “we don’t have a suspect, we don’t have a weapon, we don’t have any clues, we don’t have any motives, we don’t have any witnesses, etc..” but without trying to make it seem that you are actually writing about new info. I mean really, do we need an article that say that either these shootings are gang related or they aren’t, or that there might be road rage involved? Common…

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