Google Maps Adds Labels

Google Map

I’m walking out the door so I’m just going to snip this whole thing from blogdowntown since Eric is totally on top of it:

“I noticed this morning that Google Maps recently started identifying landmarks, including a good number of buildings Downtown. If you take a look at this map you’ll see labels for the Biltmore, MOCA, Macy’s Plaza, and more. This change couples nicely with their recent addition of arrows indicating flow on one-way streets.

On the downside, the labels are a bit out of date. The most glaring example is the current listing of Caltrans as being located in their old building, currently being prepped for demolition.”

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  1. If you use the new google earth product (use to be keyhole before bought by google) it not only has the building footprint with a lable but full 3D models of all the buildings in downtown LA and several other cities. Pretty incredible.

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