Food, to go

OK, I was so freaking psyched a few minutes ago when I saw this post from la.foodblogging talking about la.foodblogging to go. I had these crazy visions in my head of being able to load a page on my phone and get kick ass recommendations for places nearest to the street corner I happened to be sanding on at the moment, but alas, it’s not to be. At least not at the moment anyway, but this downloadable-and-printoutable PDF with reviews for the month is also pretty cool. The downside is it’s something else to carry but printing it and leaving it my car really isn’t that much of a chore, and actually the PDF is pretty sweet. I look forward to being out somewhere, pulling that list out out, reading it carefully, and then deciding not to chance it and ending up back at one of the 3 restaurants I always eat at.

4 thoughts on “Food, to go”

  1. I know, it’s a bit misleading to call a .pdf “to-go”. I am actually working on formatting a usable text file, but it’s a bit more work than editing in word, putting a nice table of contents and making the pdf. This is where user feedback helps too.

  2. if you want to have a mobile (restaurant) database that is organized by geographical location I suggest you subscribe to VINDIGO. its a great app that does all that and more. well worth the cost- I can’t live without it

  3. I actually do subscribe to Vingido but often they don’t have listings for the things I’m looking for, and again it falls into the “this is rocommended by some faceless entity” where as a recommendation from Jonah holds a lot more water in my book.

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