Hollywood Traffic

Yikes! What is going on in Hollywood today? The traffic is jammed on every street imaginable….every usual shortcut, Selma, Franklin, Fountain is packed. I know there is some opening on Hollywood Blvd at the Chinese Mann theater tonight, but this is CRAZY! It just took me 45 minutes at 1 PM to traverse from La Brea to the top of Vine!!! Is something happeing I don’t know about?

7 thoughts on “Hollywood Traffic”

  1. Thanks for the heads up!

    Our little Kiss or Kill is having a thing at the Knitting Factory tonight, and I was looking for easy Tuesday parking/traffic. Oh well.

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  2. Nope and nope. The Red Line was shut down from Vermont/Beverly station all the way down to Union station, which essentially crippled the entire line. See all the people waiting for the bus?
    I have no idea what it was shut down FOR, however, just that it made me an hour late to work (anybody?).
    And Angelinos say that mass transit is useless. Without it you get gridlock. So there.

  3. The red line was down in that area yesterday because of power outage. At least that’s what they announced over the loudspeaker at the north end of the line.

    Then today they said service was interrupted due to a problem with a train in the same area, although I suppose that could also be due to a power outage.

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