We’re having a party!

It’s been a few months since the last get together and since that one turned out so awesome we thought it was time to have another. Of course we decided that this one needed to be way awesomer.

SO – In addition to a bunch of bloggers and blog readers hanging around we decided to team up with The Golden Gopher to have a special happy hour (that lasts all night) and buy a ton of sushi for everyone to eat. Since some of us are dirty hippy vegans there will be a crap load of avacado rolls, but there’s rumors that some sushi has fish in it too so I guess there will be some of that there as well. And did we mention cheap drinks? And old school video games?! And bloggers!!!

Wow, talk about a good time.

And you are invited to our Happy Hour Sushi Fest Party Thingy! Here’s a bunch of photos from previous events where you can clearly see the kick ass time everyone is having. Just pretend all those people are eating free sushi and you can image how rad this one is going to be.

Here’s the details:

Monday, July 11th @ 7PM
The Golden Gopher
417 W 8th St
Los Angeles, CA 90014
[map | upcoming.org]

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