3 thoughts on “Today, Outside Hollyhock House”

  1. have you printed “I heart Garcetti” t-shirts yet? Or “my councilmember is cuter than your councilmember?” (not for use against Alex Padilla constituents).

  2. Hmmm, I’ll have to do some research. Neither one is harmful to the eyes, I’ll give you that.

    How tall is Garcetti, though? I’m a blantant height-ist (’cause I’m a tall girl who likes her heels).

    P.S. these comments should in no way be used to infer that I am some kind of leering female chauvenist pig only interested in the physical beauty of our elected officials. I’m just appreciating the human form. Their public service makes them all beautiful. Oh, and I have nothing against short(er) guys either. Mwah.


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