Tires in Silver Lake?

Anyone have a recommendation for a garage or tire shop in the greater Silver Lake area who has lots of tires in stock and can change them for you on the spot? I’ve got a few flat tires that need fixing ASAP, or, at least first thing in the morning.

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  1. I’m not sure of their tire inventory, but Long Automotive on Rowena a block west of Glendale Blvd. has always done right by me.

  2. I’m sure Discount Tires is fine, but just to throw in my two cents. My wife went there a few months ago for a new pair of radials and wasn’t very pleased with how she was treated. When she’d returned at the appointed time to pick up her car they hadn’t even begun to work on it. Then when she came back they wound up hooking her for a new pair of struts that she may or may not have needed.

  3. Go to your nearest Costco. They guarantee tires and repair your tire if it gets punctured (for free) or replace it if it’s busted beyond repair.

  4. Nope, the bastard curb did.

    And as for the update – Discount Tires was OK. maybe a 6-7 on a 1-10. For my needs they were fine, didn’t try to upsell me or anything said “here’s the tires we have that will work, pick whatever you want” and did the work. They said it would take 45mins to an hour and it actually took almost too, and I definitely heard them on the phone with people trying to up sell for various other things. For example one call to a guy where they explained that “We fixed your flat tire but noticed that one of your brake pads is a little more worn than the other which is usually caused by XXX and our mechanic recommends replacing X, Y, and Z just to be safe, we can go ahead and do that for you right now for $590 ok? No we don’t know for sure that is what is causing the wear it’s just what our mechanic recommends to be safe. Oh, no? You aren’t interested? OK then…”

    I’m guessing if all you need is a Tire they are fine, if you want your oil changed or a tune up it might be better to go to a proper garage.

  5. I always get my tires at American Tire Depot on Hollywood Blvd. near Western. I’ve always found them to be cheap, honest, fast & friendly. In a pinch I go to Mexicali tires for their fine refurbished tires, which are great if you get a flat when you’re near broke. I think it’s on Santa Monica east of Vermont, haven’t gone there in a while

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