abLA Round-Up :: June 21-June 25


ïI touched a brick of coke and I got a certificate for doing it. At least I didn’t lick it like some people I know.

ï5000! reviews Gallery 1988’s Magpies or More Modern Vulgarities show.

ïSaturday during the day is full of art: Supersonice 2.0 opens at the LA Design Center, the No Strings Benefit raises some dough with a silent auction, and you can experience the experience of an illegal space race. I kid you not.

ïTyler Green from MAN curates his first exhibition In My Empire Life is Sweet at New York’s DCKT Contemporary. A blogger curating…hey wait, I do that every month.

ïLos Angeles artist Chad Robertson runs loose in New York and tries to steal a Damien Hirst.

ïUpdate on the protests over the sudden closure of Self Help Graphics. Message boards and community meetings have been set up.

ïSelected receptions for tonight, Saturday June 25 including the Lab101, Patricia Faure Gallery, and my soon to be neighbors Susanne Vielmetter and Billy shire. (Image: Shirley Shor @ SolwayJones)