And The Winner Of This Week’s Mystery Photo Contest Is….?

It was good to see the increased response for the second edition of the Mystery Photo Contest that posted Tuesday. There were many more entrants’ names to write down on many more pieces of paper, each of whom correctly pegged the landmarks found in the above screenshot from “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” as being Pershing Square, the Biltmore Hotel, and the U.S. Bank Tower in the hazy background.

So onto scraps of paper went each of their names รณ yes, even those who pissed me off by feeling obliged to uselessly unbutton their pieholes and opine as to how easy the shot was to identify. Pffft.

And the randomly selected winner is? Baz, who nabs the first prize of two tickets to experience Video Games Live at the Hollywood Bowl, July 6, along with a commemorative poster. And there’s a poster for Pappy as runner-up. Emails have gone out to the addresses they provided with their entries requesting mailing addresses to which their prizes can be sent. Congrats!

tinytush.jpgThe next Mystery Photo Contest will happen Tuesday June 28 (winner of that announced July 1)… although at this point Sean’s still trying to hook up a legit prize. So in the interim it might be one of my leftover Tush stickers. Shut up, they’re awesome!

4 thoughts on “And The Winner Of This Week’s Mystery Photo Contest Is….?”

  1. Ive not recieved an email yet. Maybe I messed up my email address, or perhaps my gmail is filtering the email?

  2. Hmmm. Yeah Baz. I sent one email to a hotmail address I found on your website, and then sent a second one to your gmail address. If neither came through, something’s up so just send me your name and mailing address to [email protected].

  3. Will–you know that G4 aired a segment on the real locations used in GTA, right?

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