Gotta Love Silver Lake


This just in…I’ve been skunk bombed. It happened just outside my living room window about five minutes ago – it got into the house so fast that now I cannot shut the windows because then I’d just trap the smell in. So I must wait this thing out and hope that my eyebrows don’t burn off.


2 thoughts on “Gotta Love Silver Lake”

  1. It also reminds me of my encounters earlier in the year. We had skunks mating around our house for about a week. The whole time, our house reeked of skunk spray. Ikky. Muy muy stinky.

    Although right before we left the old house a couple of weeks ago, we actually got to pet a baby skunk in our kitchen.

    And am I have so much trouble posting a comment?!!! I don’t have anything that resembles a livejournal or blogspot link. If I didn’t have to change things, I could’ve merely link my blog post complete w/ a picture of skunks mating.

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