Beauty & the Beast

Ahh BeautyÖso undefined and ephemeral. Being female in LA presents its own special challenges. Nowhere else on the planet do women spend so much time and money ëimprovingí their looks.
Iím as guilty as anyoneÖeven with the super great deal of $20 manicure-pedicure shops on every cornerÖthe amount Iíve spent on my hair, nails and make-up could build a house in some parts of the world. But it makes me happy in some weird way. Granted, I worked for Playboy for a couple of years and was inundated with women left and right who thought nothing of getting breast implants on Monday and showing up for work on camera a week later. So Iím a bit jadedÖbut it was daunting. Iíve always loved my bodyÖ.but after that experience, I never looked at my sweet B cups the same.

So today I indulged in my every two weeks manicure-pedicure ritual and even though it shouldnít matter, it makes me feel pretty! I suppose it helps that the semi-boyfriend loves to kiss my toes. And Iím forever thankful that LA offers such a deal!!!

5 thoughts on “Beauty & the Beast”

  1. On the first day of summer, I treated myself to a manicure. I deserved it after a grueling week of three all nighters. Plus, un-cute toes are totally unforgivable in summer especially with all the nail shops around. The manicurist also gave me $2 off because it was Tuesday and I look like my age ends in -teen.

  2. Nope…..Niiicccce. Try it sometime and watch your girlfriend melt. Fun.
    And my toes are always squeakryclean when he’s kissin them!!!

  3. Careful though, some women think it’s nasty as well. Sadly, my girlfriend is one of them.

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