A Grand Day Out

Today we utilized our ‘car’ (a wheeled vehicle that carries its own motor) to travel to a small town called ‘Malibu’.

Friedly people, shining sun.

First we analyzed the sand for remainings of David Hasselhoff. Negative. Not even cellular fragments.


Suddenly we witnessed a terrifying spectacle.
A couple of unrighteous men vandalized the ground with mighty gas-powered power shovels! They tried to restructure the shape of the dunes, to flatten the beach! And neither the Santa Monica Police Forces nor the National Guard tried to stop them!


G¸nther Friesinger was outraged: “They think they are creation’s crowning glory! Those fools! God shall cast them down to hell, and deliver them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgement!”


And it happend as G¸nther predicted.

The glorious waves of God’s resounding anger caught one of the sinners in his unholy machine and dragged him down into his cleansing floods.


Praise the Lord.
For he shall rise again.

4 thoughts on “A Grand Day Out”

  1. Johannes – don’t ever go back to Vienna. Or do, but I know you’ll generate a lot of traffic on that metblog – you’re a hoot, i love this post.

    In fact, whenever you want to come blog SF with our branch of the family, just let me know.

    Definitely the award winner for best integration of words and pictures.

  2. thanks for the invitation!
    i’m coming to sf (july 6-july 23) because we are on our “experience the experience” tour and we’ll do a couple of shows at rxgallery.
    my sf metblog account is already installed.
    looking forward!

  3. hey, dude (it is dude, isn’t it?) those big yellow machines were indeed trying to restructure the shape of the beach, but not to flatten it. Instead the idea is to create very high dunes at the midpoint of the tide line (where public access is allowed) so foot traffic along Danny DeVito’s house is only along the underwater part of the beach.

  4. Haha, I love this post too! Great job, Johannes, may the evil restructurers of the glorious beach come to a fitting end.

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