Dodgers’ losing streak ends… finally

As a faithful Dodger fan, I know we’re supposed to “think blue.” However, I think the Dodger faithful are beginning to turn blue as the Dodgers hit the low of the season. Eric GagnÈ is out until mid-2006. I only got to hear “Welcome to the Jungle” once this season. It was GagnÈ’s first game off the disabled list in mid-May. It was extremely disheartening to see him give up two homeruns back to back to the Atlanta Braves (it was not a save opportunity).

Even after “terrible Tuesday” the Dodgers held on to win against the San Diego Padres, the first place team in the NL West. They also snapped an 8 game losing streak. Hopefully they can tie the 4-game series tomorrow and go on to win the series against the Angels in the second Freeway Series.

Jon Weisman at Dodger Thoughts helps keep things in perspective and make sense of all things Dodger related. Dodger Blues reminds us that Dodgers fans must have a good sense of humor just to get deal with the ups and downs.

4 thoughts on “Dodgers’ losing streak ends… finally”

  1. I am not a Dodger fan at heart but love baseball. My fantasy team NEEDS Milton Bradley back and so do the Dodgers. I listen to some of the callers on radio and nobody mentions this guy but I believe he was the key to the opening two months success. Hopefully he will be back to make it exciting. Take it easy on the Giants, we’re rebuilding!

  2. It’s been a painful month to be a Dodgers fan. It probably wouldn’t have been so painful if they didn’t have that 12-2 start. Ugh. I’m just hoping they win this afternoon to even the series against the Pads.

  3. you peeps don’t know the half of it.. try being a CUBS fan for 76.59% of your life…

    (and if thats not bad enough- I went to TULANE wwho just crapped out in the CWS after being ranked numero uno all year)

    No, the REAL problem for Dodger fans are those gawd awful Dodger Dogs.. that and $7 beers

  4. Not a Dodger fan, I miss Milton too.

    James, that 12-2 start fooled us all. I think they had an 8 game winning streak some time back in April, right?

    Bwana, and what about $10 parking? That sucks too. So we should just be happy we’re not Cubs fans?

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