Dear ArcLight

I love you, but please, pretty please, get your shit together. I wantto buy tickets for a show on friday except everytime I go to your website it’s either down or there are no show times listed for friday…for anything! So I called and your message says “phone ticketing is down, please see our website.” I keep going to the site and it’s still jacked. What the hell is going on over there? Since it’s wednesday and I don’t want to miss this movie on friday I decided to just drive down and buy them – except you are closed. Well at least I can use the kiosks right? Nope. They aren’t working either. And your box office hours aren’t posted anywhere. So I call back and after 10 minutes of automated info I finally learn that you don’t open until 30 minutes before the first show of the day, which is at noon. Now I’m sitting here waiting until 11:30 to get these tickets because goddamn there’s no way I’m missing Land of the Dead on Friday. I don’t mind the extra few bucks for the tickets but for the love of god will you please get a computer/web system that actually works? No other theater has these issues – what is the problem?

success!FOLLOW-UP: At 11:30 I was able to get in and buy $150 worth of zombie movies tickets which was good news. I asked the fellow at the box office what the hell was wrong with their system and why the website was a complete nightmare and he’s response was “I don’t think there’s been any problem – things usually work perfectly.” HE must have been new. Meanwhile no less than 5 people asked me when I was sitting outside if I knew anything about why the kiosks said that there was not a single movie playing on Friday.

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  1. Seriously. I the Arclight, but their ticketing S-U-C-K-S. I had the exact same problem for LOTR, down to the waiting for 11:30 for them to open. I don’t understand how they can do everything else so well and blow that aspect so badly.

    Oh, and the parking situation can be a total suck as well, but that’s the parking management not the AL.

  2. Perhaps while the are trying to get the web site to actually work, they might have someone who has had even one day of usability training take a look at it.

  3. I had a similar problem with Star Wars. The website was unbearably slow and said there was a digital projection presentation in the dome at 12:30, but because the site kept crashing, I rang them, on which I was given totally different times for digital projection, but not in the dome. Turn up and find it is in the dome after all!

  4. You guys should really write to the management, these complaints do make a difference and they need to be voiced. I enjoy the Arclight as well but I can tell the past year they’ve really slipped in customer service in almost every area.

    Remember how the ushers used to check your tix inside the screening room and walk you to your seats? Never happens anymore. The assigned seating is one of the best parts about the theater and they hardly enforce it anymore. So there’s always someone in my seat, and then I have to tell them, then they act like I’m an asshole, then… you get the picture. I’m sick of it Arclight! Get your ushers to do their jobs!

    (PS – Yes, I did email the Arclight management about this.)

  5. i almost had the same experience last year, except i got so mad that i didn’t bother coming down to the theater. AND it was during their open hours. i kept trying to get a live person on the phone, but the system kept directing me to a mailbox that would state that no one would accept my calls. endless torture!

  6. I’ve been dealing with the same issues. I’m trying to line up tickets for a saturday night showing of “March of the Penguins” for a date, and hell if I can find a single showtime, let alone how to buy tickets.

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