Cleanliness Is Godliness…

I’m hoping, almost *praying*, that for the sake of the human race, that this is just a problem that’s confined to the offices I’ve worked at, but what is up with bad restroom etiquette? I’ve mentioned it before elsewhere, but the fact that I’m confronted by it on almost a daily basis whenever I’m the one at my offices absolutely astounds me.

Here’s two of my biggest pet peeves:

  • People who don’t flush.
  • People who don’t wash their hands.

At one of my past jobs, which was at an office in Westwood, we shared restrooms with a real estate broker. And those guys from that company were the worst offenders, as I don’t think I ever saw any of them washing their hands afterwards. So imagine them out there making deals, and yes, shaking people’s hands, on a regular basis. Yuck!

You know it’s gotten so bad that we have automatic toilet flushers and faucets to make things easier, and yet, there are still people who don’t wash their hands! How lazy, not to mention inconsiderate, is that?!

So am I being too much of a hypochondriac in using a paper towel to open restroom doors when I leave, or is this acceptable behavior given what I’ve mentioned already?

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  1. So am I being too much of a hypochondriac in using a paper towel to open restroom doors when I leave, or is this acceptable behavior given what I’ve mentioned already?

    Absolutely, unless you also wear gloves when you go out to eat, touch any other doorknob, use a handrail on the stairs, put your hands on the counter when you sign a receipt, or type on yours or anyone else’s keyboard. You might also want to reconsider ever leaving your house again, especially to eat, if you’re that concerned with germs.

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha, point taken (and I haven’t gotten that wacky with my behavior, at least not yet). But I’ve noticed that several other people are doing this at my current day job (there’s even a large trash bin directly next to the door as you exit, which seems to encourage this behavior), as again, the floor I’m working at has only one public restroom.

  3. Unless they’re preparing your food, I don’t see how people not washing their hands could be construed as inconsiderate towards you. As far as I’m concerned, my man parts have been sitting safe and unmolested all day long in my clean undershorts, where I put them immediately after taking a hot morning shower. My mitts, on the other hand, have been out in the open all day getting exposed to all kinds of germs and nastiness. So, shouldn’t I be washing my hands BEFORE I use the restroom?

    Not flushing, on the other hand, does seem rude to me.

  4. My old art director forever changed the way I looked at the free bowl of unwrapped mints our old lunch haunt offered by pointing out when most people grab one: on the way out the door, AFTER having gone to the restroom.


  5. I just went over to the restroom about half an hour ago, and guess what? Someone didn’t flush in one of the stalls after leaving a surprise. Yikes!

  6. I work in foodservice and I am required by law to wash my hands after I use the restroom while at work. While at home I find it completely acceptable to not wash after a #1, but a deuce you must always wash.

    So I’m gross… whatever :P

  7. I work at an “A” rated restaurant. I never wash my hands after hitting the little boys room. Sorry.

  8. The one that pisses me off worse than those (pun intended) is idiots who pee all over the seat. There’s a special section in Hell reserved for those people, I hope.

  9. i agree with the seat peeing being the worst. i work in a smallish office where only 15 or so people use the women’s restroom and i have to de-pee the seat at least once a day. usually it’s relatively minor (hate when i miss it though, nothing worse than sitting in it), but every now and then it’s like someone didn’t even hit the toilet. i don’t understand how this can happen. everyone here seems civilized and yet there’s pee everywhere.

    and last week i ran into a macy’s to use the bathroom and there was such a large puddle in front of the toilet that i couldn’t even get near it to attempt to clean the seat.

    i’m now so hateful of the seat pee, and so paranoid that someone might think it’s me, that i wipe the seat off after i flush, so any water that the toilet splashed during the flush is cleaned up.

  10. Perhaps this is a good time to remind everyone that if you’re in your early 20’s-late 30’s in the city of Los Angeles and have an active nightlife and/or you eat out frequently, you really should have be vaccinated againts Hepatitis. There are two vaccinations. Ask your doctor at your next physical.

  11. Look at it this way:
    1) A lot of people have washed their hands before opening the restroom door.
    2) Some of these people have even wiped the handle when they used a paper towel to open it.

    This means that the cleanest door handle in the place is probably the inside handle of the restroom door!

    Don’t forget, most colds etc. are transmitted by hand from infected people’s faces, not their naughty bits.

  12. I have to agree with you Koga….I always use the paper towel-open-the-door route when I’m in a public restroom. I get skeeved out when I see how many people don’t wash their mitts after peeing…..Yikes!!!!
    And I thought most colds ARE transmitted by hands Mike….that’s why dr.s tell you to wash them often if you don’t want to get sick…

  13. Yeah Tammara, that’s the main reason I wash my hands after doing my thing (as well as the obvious reason) – I don’t get colds, and I think that this is one reason why.

    Oh, and thanks for cleaning the door handle on the way out :)

  14. Wash your hands; floss your teeth? Lots of research tells us why both these practices are good things. But…. that doesn’t mean we heed the advice/warnings.

    Such a simple, easy task – washing the hands. I know of NO medical person who would dare to leave the loo without a thorough ablution — and that’s good enough reason for me.

    (By the way, reasearh shows you need to wash for a good 30 secs — not a quick ‘spalsh’. Docs suggest singing two stanzas of ‘Happy Birthday’ as you suds away).

    Paper towel to open the door? ABSOLUTELY! Too many crazy, antibiotic-resistant ‘bugs ‘ floatin’ around…

    PS… washing your hands BEFORE you eat is also a good thing!

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