California Girls Valet Parking…

I’d forgotten to mention this before…

A new release about a valet company that uses nothing but ìstunningî women that are models, singers, actors and dancers to park cars, on the other hand, got our attention. Consider it Hooters on wheels if you will. The companyís uniforms consist of ìtank tops, Capri pants, camisoles, mini skirts, bikinis and lingerie.î Best of all, they all know how to drive a stick! The company is in, where else, Los Angeles and is called California Girls Valet Parking. Only in La-La Land.

A quick check of the website reveals:

Take 50 of LAís beautiful, sexy and eager to please ladies. … Our valet parking team is comprised entirely of stunning women that are models, singers, actors & dancers. All the beautiful ladies are professionally trained in providing the highest level of guest service and safety. Clients may request from a variety of uniforms… Clients may customize a uniform for their event. No men. No red vests… just a team of gracious, sexy and skilled women.

Gee, think they have a regular gig at the Playboy Mansion?

(Link via Autoblog.)

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  1. Dude I want these chicks waiting for me at the base of my driveway everyday when i get home from work. Then they can join me for cocktails and dinner…..

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