Grad Nite

grad nite '05

Last week, I pretended to be a 17 year old who had just graduated from high school. I pulled my third all nighter of the week as a chaperone at Disneyland’s Grad Nite.

When I arrived at the LAUSD high school where my roommate teaches history, I immediately noticed two things: seven hundred high school seniors are really freaking loud; and most of the students were dressed in jeans, t-shirts and other casual clothing. The latter struck me as odd because I remember a strict dress code when I went to Grad Nite several years ago.

If you went to Grad Nite after your high school graduation, do you remember having to dress nice (e.g. no jeans, sneakers or t-shirts)?

BTW: I suggest that if given the opportunity, you go along as a chaperone with a friend/significant other who teaches/works at a local high school. Disneyland hooks up the chaperones pretty nice and it’s worth the free trip to the Magic Kingdom (even if you have to hang out with a bunch of kids).

7 thoughts on “Grad Nite”

  1. I remember they told us to dress nicely, but no one did, save for me and a select few others.

  2. As I recall (vaguely, it was 17 years ago,) we were required to wear coat & tie. We were told they wouldn’t let us inside if we weren’t dressed appropriately. Somewhere I’ve still got the Grad Night picture of me in a tie, standing next to Tigger.

  3. My grad night was definitely casual. It was a great, 24-hour affair with poker, blackjack, dancing, karaoke, a hypnotist…you name it. Must have been fairly impressive if I remember it fondly 9 years later.

    I think that if they had required us to dress up, it would have been miserable.

  4. I went to Grad Night at Disney World Magic Kingdom in 1989, and it was definitely a dress-up affair with a strict dress code. Like, you can’t get on the bus if you don’t pass inspection.

    Samantha Fox played my grad night. And some boy band I should probably totally remember the name of…

    I guess there’s no reason it has to be dress up, but it was fun to run around Disney with everybody dressed up. :)

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