Dining Questions…

Two stupid dining questions:

In all the times I’ve been out with friends and family, I’ve *never* seen either the book or the card being used, ever!

And using either of these like the best way to impress a date.

Both seem like big elaborate scams, but maybe that’s just me.

8 thoughts on “Dining Questions…”

  1. I work at a large chain coffee shop and a customer tried to use his diners club card to pay for his latte once. I had to break it to the customer that I couldn’t take it as payment

  2. I bought an Entertainment Book about 20 years ago and used a dozen or so coupons from it. Personally, I found that it was a good deal, assuming the premise of only choosing what’s in the book. That said, a couple “two for one” meal deals easily paid for the price of the book, at least back in the ’80s.

    One thing we did notice was that the coupons aren’t always greeted with respect and a cheerful smile. I remember having a grumpy old waitress at the Sportsman’s Lodge give us a good talkin’ to *before* we even ordered. She told us they would only honor the coupon if we promised to come back later and pay full price. She also made it abundantly clear that tipping was to be calculated *before* the discount. The food was okay, but having been given this thoroughly unprofessional lecture, I vowed never to return to the Lodge. So far I haven’t, and have no plans to.

    Since then I’ve been tempted to buy the book but never did. Perhaps it’s the same reason I don’t cut coupons before I go shopping.

  3. My company used to use Diner’s Club for our corporate cards. It’s primarily useful with hotels and airfare and the like since it has a decent reward program. It’s definitely on the low end of acceptance at actual places of dining, mostly higher end. I think I read that it’s more widely used/accepted in Europe, but I may be wrong.

  4. If you use the Entertainment Book for movie theaters alone, it will pay for itself. But stop trying to take it to wannabe fancy restaurants like the Sportsmen’s Lodge!

  5. I’ve used both — but not in several years. The Entertainment Book is legit, and is actually worth the cost especially if you’re new to a city and just trying to get a flavor for the area, its restaurants and other businesses. They’re available for cities across the country, and are often sold as fund-raising tools for school districts. The Diner’s Club card is typically used for corporate travel and business expenses, and is very popular overseas.

  6. oooh. i love my entertainment book! Carwashes, bowling, eateries, theme parks… it’s all in there. Be sure to get yours from a boy scouts or another charity, they all sell them at discount for fundraisers…

  7. damn when i worked at western steer steakhouse in columbia, SC. we were a hit destination for those entertainment book people. and they always stiffed us after getting their extra plate of sirloin tips for free…

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