abLA round-up :: June 12-20


A wee “vacation” prevented me from posting the abLA round-up last Friday. But, as is always the case in Los Angeles, many interesting things took place in the LA art world…

ïIt was the beginning of many experiences to experience. Vienna-based art group monochrom was burying people alive (more here and photos here), hosting magnetism parties, and have a coke party coming up tonight at Machine Project.

ïOMG, did you hear the Andrea Rich resigned from LACMA. I don’t know what the LA Times was thinking running this redundant story. (For reference, I am ignoring that Tut show).

ïQuite a few solid exhibitions such as Splasz @ UCLA, Very Early Pictures, Margaret Kilgallen @ Redcat (fellow LA blogger Insurgent Muse on the show with pictures), Pat Dewiit @ Jeff Electric,
Arkitip x Modernica
, Drew Schnurr @ Bank, and Los Angeles Conservatory meeting at Arclight.

ïLos Angeles gallery SolwayJones finally has a website…yay!

ïI read (and re-read and re-read) the silliest sentence in an AF review about Robert Williams show: “Williams’ strategy in almost every painting is to break the proscenium with belts of slashing diagonal energy that seem liable to scorch your nose hairs and to support that central thrust with orbital fields of repellent minutiae that produce an instant and lasting overload…” Um, yeah.

ïWhy I shouldn’t blog after a couple of Manhattens. Oh, and if you aren’t reading I Get My Show on the Road yet, then you need to be slapped.

ïDavid Hockney knows what’s important in a city. (see image of his purdy mug)

ïYay, Coagula has taken the comment reigns with their new online forum. Play nice everyone.

ïSelf-Help Graphics is shutting down. But then again, you already knew that.

ïValerie follows up (again) on the Mark of the Beast saga. More on that on abLA here, here, and here.