Missing dots

Sean took us on wonderful car trip around town.
Evelyn and I seized the time to do an empirical study about LA street signs.

Where are the dots on the ‘i’s?

Saving money?
Fancy font?
Mysterious pattern conspiracy?


7 thoughts on “Missing dots”

  1. Actually they do this to not sacrifice readability (heck, how do you spell this?) from a distance. When you dot an ‘i’, it may be misread as a lowecase ‘l’ from a distance.

  2. Ah, Johannes, you missed it. About eleven years ago there was an performance/installation artist in town from Sao Paolo and she collected all the dots in the lowercase I’s from signs all over Los Angeles and she sprinkled them from overpasses … I think the project was called “I in the Sky.”

    I think she did the same thing in Europe but collected umlauts and tildas.

  3. The people of Los Angeles donated their dots during the Great Diacritical Mark Famine of ’06. It was an attempt to foster goodwill among other nations and to build alliances to fight the creeping vowels of the British Empire.

    And I have spent *way* too much time editing today…

  4. One day, we woke up & they’d come by and added the tilde’s on all the Donas off Dona Pegita.

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