LA Sheriff Baca vs. OC Sheriff Carona on Concealed Weapons

Full Disclosure just posted their latest video blog post and it’s about concealed weapons in the state of California – specifically Los Angeles and Orange County. As you may know in many states if you are a law abiding citizen with no criminal record who has passed the required training courses you can receive a license to carry a concealed weapon, however California leaves this decision up to the Sheriff of each county (or Chief of Police) which has lead to cities like Los Angeles where less than 500 permits are out there and there’s speculation that these only go to friends or campaign contributors. The interview on the video blog post is pretty interesting, and I think Sheriff Carona from Orange County makes some great points, while Sheriff Baca doesn’t really have anything to back up his position. Having lived in ‘shall issue’ states as well as more restrictive states like Califorina, I agree with Carona 100%.

6 thoughts on “LA Sheriff Baca vs. OC Sheriff Carona on Concealed Weapons”

  1. I wish this was up more for debate than it is…
    I was beaten and robbed by five individuals three months ago, and I am seriously considering flaunting the law and carrying my own (non-lethal) personal protection with me at all times. I don’t want to hurt anyone, but considering there is no provisions for concealed-carry in California, it leaves the populace with no choice but to surreptitiously arm themselves, and deal with the consequences if questioned.
    I can handle it.

  2. Corona was in the news a few weeks ago for deputizing campaign contributors. He wasn’t just handing out carry permits. He was handing out badges.

  3. To work as a bodyguard you have to have a concealed weapon permit, so the sheriffs keep non-cops from getting permits so the cops can get all the hollywood-driven bodyguard off-duty jobs. It is a way to keep the rank-and-file happy, and there is never a large enough public outcry to change it. And, no politician in his right mind would push to get more concealed weapons out in SoCal…

  4. “no politician in his right mind would push to get more concealed weapons out in SoCal.”

    Why not? There’s growing evidence every day that states which allow their citizens to defend/arm themselves have lower crime rates than those that don’t – I would think a politician who was against this wasn’t in his right mind.

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