River Walk #2 (East Bank)

Today’s river walk originated in pretty much the same spot as the last one. We parked on Crystal just off Fletcher and walked over the bridge to the gates on that side. (Yes, there is a path on the west bank, but it is heavily used on weekends by bikers and I didn’t wanna be anyone’s speedbump.) What attacted me to the east bank is the ability to walk right down at the river’s edge.

I’m still on the lookout for herons, after all, they’re the symbol for the Los Angeles River, but down at water level there are plenty of other birds to delight. Geese, mallards, swifts, black-necked stilts and coots. Oh, and pigeons.


The freeway noise is lot more noticeable, as is the hum of the power lines, but this path allows you to walk from Silverlake all the way to Los Feliz to Eats if you desire. If you go beyond than that you’ve entered horse territory.

Are there better walks in LA? Sure, there are wonderful secluded creeks and trails all around us. But there’s something wonderfully inviting to the river because it’s so accessible and most of us never see it close up. Will you see (and smell) some unsavory things? Probably. As we were heading back up the banks we came across a group of folks bathing in the river (one fellow was even shaving). But in a way I think it’s a better representation of LA than someplace where you escape from it all.

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