Collecting Degrees

gradma.JPG I graduated* yesterday.

No, Arnold wasn’t there. The faculty of the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies (#2 in the nation!) would have had to be on crack to get him to be our speaker. Considering what he’s done to education in the last few years (raised student fees, tried to cut funding for outreach programs, etc), he’s not exactly the best friend of teachers, counselors, librarians, archivists, school administrators and educational researchers/professors.

Congratulations to anyone else in the class of 2005.

*I still have at least 3 years of school left to earn my objective degree.

4 thoughts on “Collecting Degrees”

  1. I got my AA from SMC at the Schwarzenegger love-fest. Yeah, I’m pissed that protesters took away from the achievement of the graduates, but I have to admit it made for a memorable day.

  2. Bill, thanks!

    Chuckeye, I think if I was a student and wanted to hear the speech, I’d be annoyed too. But hey, at least we can say we have a bodybuilder/movie star/”governor’s” signature on our diplomas.

    Joz, if you know the secrets, it’s not so bad.

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