Local hyper-flavors

I talked and blogged and blogged and talked about that before.
So maybe I’m repeating myself.
But it’s far too unimportant.

Just what can be considered to be typical american food? I always thought hamburgers and colas.
I was totally wrong. Why? Because hamburgers and colas lack the *real* american flavours: root beer, peanuts and cinnamon.

Root beer:
I can’t drink root beer. I don’t know anybody from Europe who actually likes root beer. It tastes like mouthwash. I get a rinse-and-spit reflex as soon as I try to swallow the stuff. Your ancestors had to make a long and hard treck to the west, so I can understand why they wanted to make drinks out of everything they could possibly get their hands on… for example roots… but I… no… no…

Oh boy! I’m too central european for peanuts. I dig hazelnuts. Hazelnuts!! The US just drown in peanuts!!

Cinnamon. There’s even cinnamon tic-tacs and bubble gum. Strange. But I think I can handle the cinnamon. I come from Vienna, the pastry capital of the world, so I should be able to tell the good pastry from the bad. I have to admit I fell in love with ‘Cinnabon’. This so-called pastry consists of 50% cinnamon-flavoured high fructose corn syrup and 50% fat. But I like it.

(Cinnabon, before entering my bloodstream via digestion.)


(Cinnabon, after entering my bloodstream via digestion.)


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  1. I think you’re right about Europeans not having tolerance for root beer. Ma femme is French-Belgian and doesn’t like the stuff – tastes like medicine to her. Her Belgian father was here and when he saw “beer” he wanted to try it. While it didn’t exactly end up sprayed on the table, he didn’t get past the second taste.

    Their experiences have made me reconsider my since-childhood affection for the stuff. (Yeah, it actually does taste a little mediciney.)

  2. I think you’re right about root beer tasting like medicine … but I still like it. I like wintergreen flavors. I love hazelnuts (sometimes called filberts as well). Welll, there are very few nuts I won’t eat. Cinnamon is one of the best flavors in the world because it works well with sweets and savories.

    I think green apple might be in there as an exclusively American flavor too.

  3. Look, drink “A&W” brand rootbeer; “Barqs” isn’t bad either.

    If you don’t like current American soft drink formulas, go one better and order from http://www.ifsandsbutts.com; they sell original formula Coke, Root Beer, Dr. Pepper; these are made strictly with the more expensive “sugar,” not “corn syrup.” Pricey (like 2 bucks for an 8oz original formula soda) but, a six pack makes a nice gift to an old-timer.

    But, let’s get back to the issue: Eurpeans not having a tolerance for Root Beer. I dunno, to me, it would sound like the French drink of choice for Jerry Lewis Festivals and Richard Nixon memorial days. Heck, you could probably establish successful A&W restaurants in Berlin, Scandinavia, Moscow!

    But, alas, living with all of those moldy millineums of recorded history can tend to skew the collective palate of a continent after a while, I guess. :)

  4. @cybele
    back home in austria we have ‘trolli saure apfelringe’ (green apple rings made by trolli). they sure taste great but are horrible for my teeth.

  5. I’m not European, and I hate root beer as well. :) Not a fan of sarsaparilla/Dr. Pepper either. On the alcoholic side, Campari really tastes medicinal – yuck. Then again, G&T kinda does too, and I love it.

    I also agree with Johannes on the other two, though I don’t dislike peanuts.

    Nerd Alert: what we know as cinnamon isn’t real cinnamon.

  6. is there some sort of weird european mouthwash that tastes like root beer? because i’ve heard at least 5 europeans compare root beer to mouthwash and i just can’t see it. but then again i only use minty listerine.

    as far as good root beers, i always recommend henry weinhard’s (i had a link in there, but it caused my comment to be denied). it’s really creamy and surprisingly filling. i also recommend avoiding mug root beer if you can.

    also mixing root beer with vanilla stoli is really good. kinda tastes like cream soda.

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