Sight of LAPD causes driver to flip car

OK, so some of us run ins with the LAPD of the traffical persuasion but at none of us have flipped our car at the sight of the men in blue like these dudes did last night:

LOS ANGELES — A teenager who took a family car out for a ride around Boyle Heights on Thursday panicked at the sight of an LAPD cruiser and accidentally caused the car to flip over in the unincorporated City Terrace area, police said.

In his haste to leave the scene, the driver made a hard turn, causing the the car to roll over around Medford Street and Miller Avenue, Kramer said. The car’s engine then burst into flames, but firefighters were able to extinguish the blaze and pull the boys from the overturned car.

No one was really injured in the accident so it’s totally fine to point and laugh about this. The kids also got off scott free since their family was probably too embarrassed to file any kind of charges – that and they probably need the kids out of juvie and able to work so they can start saving up for a new ride.

2 thoughts on “Sight of LAPD causes driver to flip car”

  1. I give 3 days before they file an idiotic lawsuit against the police, that will probably go in their favor.

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