Re-Inaugural Mystery Photo Contest Winner Announced

Thank to all who entered the new Mystery Photo Contest which redebuted Tuesday.

After studying highly scientific methodologies regarding random drawings, I decided to just write down the names of the entrants who, with varying degrees of specificity, corrrectly identified the above screen shot from “True Crime: Streets of LA” as the Century Plaza Towers. So onto scraps of paper went Baz’s, Mack’s (even though he said the Century Plaza Towers in Century City are on Avenue of the Stars รณ they’re on Century Park East), Todd’s, Yoffy’s and Dyban’s names, whereupon I tossed them in the air, and then closing my eyes, dragged the floor for the first one I came in contact.

And the winner is? Todd Rowland may have broadly answered just “Century City,” but that’s not incorrect and thus nabs first prize of two tickets to experience Video Games Live at the Hollywood Bowl, July 6, along with a commemorative poster. And there’s a poster for Dyban even though the runner-up was far more specific in providing the 2029-2049 Century Park East addresses of the twin towers. Such is the luck of the draw. But never fear Dyban and all else interested and/or intrigued, there’s one more chance to win tickets and show posters when I post the next video-fied Mystery Photo Contest on Tuesday June 21 (winner of that announced June 24). Be there.

What is Video Games Live? VGL is the first major U.S. video game music concert tour. Think of it as a concert, theatrical stage show, and interactive video game all wrapped into one eye-popping extravaganza featuring musical performances, video and specially designed laser and light sequences showcasing over 50 different games in a wide variety of styles.

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  1. I just have to say thanks! I really didn’t expect to win, but we have been talking about going to see the show, so this is great! “People really do win on B.LA.”

    I can’t believe I dug up old MTV quotes for this post.

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