A Little Nip/Tuck for Residential Streets

Following up on Sean’s frustration with screwy parking in Silverlake lately, they’re cycling through the side streets and resealing them. I’ve got mixed feelings about preventative maintanence, mostly because there are some streets in our area that have never been resurfaced or rebuilt that could really use it. I have no idea of the cost-effectiveness of this current project, but according to the flyer they left at our house, it is a wise use of public funds.

Anyway, here’s some before and after shots. It is pretty to see some really crisp black blacktop. It sounds different when I drive over it than it did before. I’m sure it’s a great at trapping heat come those blazing days in the next few months. I do not recommend walking barefoot on them on sunny days.

bla-niptuckbefore.jpg bla-niptuckafter.jpg