My City Councilman is as Cool as Yours!

Councilman Tom LaBongeYes, I live in Silverlake, but unlike most other esteemed contributors in the area, I am in Council District 4. Even though I could throw a rock and hit Council District 13, it doesn’t make Eric Garcetti my councilman. Sure, Tom LaBonge hasn’t been to Arctic but his family has been in Los Angeles since 1880 and he’s been a huge friend to the LA River and Griffith Park.

Much to my delight Skunks of Los Feliz pointed out Tom LaBonge will be doing a Summer Solstice hike up Mt. Hollywood on Tuesday, June 21st at 6 PM. When you get to the top, there’ll be a potluck dinner!

Mr. LaBonge just needs a blog now so I can find out all the other stuff he’s up to!

6 thoughts on “My City Councilman is as Cool as Yours!”

  1. I have eyewitness accounts of the energy and enthusiasm that Tom LaBonge brings to his position. A couple years ago at the L.A. Zoo’s annual Beastly Ball fundraiser he was still partying and promoting the Zoo long after I left around 10 p.m. The next morning at 6 a.m. me and several thousand other cyclists gathered in Pasadena for an historic bike ride on the Arroyo Seco Freeway, a eight-mile stretch of which had been closed in both directions for the occasion. Much to my surprise, who was there welcoming all the riders with as much enthusiasm as he’d had the previous night? Yep, Tom.

  2. Yay, he’s my councilman, too! I just found out this week. Since he doesn’t blog, I signed up for his email newsletter to find out what he’s up to.

  3. Hey Mr. Campbell!

    I’ve been meaning to ask you for a press pass to the Beastly Ball this year. I needs to review the eats up in thar.


  4. Well since we’re getting all competitive – I’m a CD 15 voter and I love Janice Hahn. Now, now, just ’cause unfortunate things happened, electorally, to her brother doesn’t mean she should suffer the consequences. She’s responsive, involved, omni-present at Pedro events, and has grown into a model public servant.

    I don’t think she blogs, either, but since I’m usually the lone voice of “hey – look South, dammit -we’re here too” for San Pedro, I had to speak out to let .la know the world extends past Silverlake.

    Shocking, I know. ;)

  5. I’m getting a serious case of councilperson envy. Here in CD5 we got what seems like an empty suit in Jack Weiss. He’s a former Federal prosecutor with plenty of ambition but no passion for the niggly little things that make a council rep great.

  6. Ah yes,

    The Great Council Member of the Great 4th Council District Tom LAbonge. If any of you ever have the chance privilege to witness a city council meeting, where he gives a play by play history lesson of the great city of the angels , it is a marvelous thng. He loves the City of Los Angeles , yes he does. He is great.

    You guys got a great City Council Member.

    Once agian though I have to say JAn Perry Rules.

    evey other councilmember includng weiss all come in a close second.

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