More Parking Fun

The streets in my entire neighborhood are being resurfaced today which would be read if it needed them, but really sucks because they were perfectly fine yesterday. In fact there’s some streets a few blocks away that could really use it, but no they are ripping up my streets instead. And yesterday they ripped up a bunch of the ones a block or two over. So I couldn’t park anywhere near my house yesterday because all the spots were full of people from a few blocks away, and can’t park anywhere near it today because of the resurfacing and stuff. AND, there’s no sidewalk on the hill I live on but I can’t walk on the street so to get from my house to my car I have to walk through a bunch of people’s yards and on the sides of other hills. If parking meters on sunset means that parking on my street will always suck because store customers are parking in front of my place to avoid the meters then I’m totally against it. Not to mention when I lived in West Hollywood they changed the street I lived on to permit parking and it made it practically impossible for ever have people over to visit.


3 thoughts on “More Parking Fun”

  1. They did our street yesterday (I have before and after photos!).

    It isn’t really resurfacing, just resealing, which is supposed to increase the longevity of the streets (which is nice, but ours was completely redone back in ’98 the week before we moved into the house). In the long run it’s supposed to be more cost-effective.

    I agree … the parking situation for the next week is gonna be hell in our area as they cycle through all the streets and everyone has to find somewhere else to park. I ended up about a half a mile away from my house on Monday night. And this morning cars were stacked up on our street looking for parking from the overflow from the neighboring streets.

    I hope someone who lives over near Spaceland will chime in on how the permit parking situation has settled out there.

  2. i live just two blocks up berkely from the permited-due-to-Spaceland parking. what happens is they all park on my street! we came home from the gym at quarter to 9 tonight (a weeknight) and there was no place to park. and in the past, when my neighbors have parked in their (very short) driveways because of this, they received tickets.

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