Warren Wilson retiring from KTLA

I had the pleasure of working with Warren Wilson at KTLA and I can honestly say that they don’t make newsfolk like they used to. He’s the last of a dying breed… honest, hard-working, with genuine integrity… I hope he enjoys retired-life!

Seen in today’s Hollywood Reporter:

Warren Wilson, a veteran Los Angeles radio and TV news reporter known for brokering the surrenders of some 22 fugitives during his many years on the beat, has retired after 21 years as a reporter at Tribune Broadcasting-owned KTLA Los Angeles.

During his tenure at KTLA, Wilson’s scoops included interviewing Rodney King in 1991, just days after King was beaten by L.A. police officers in a videotaped incident that helped spark riots in the city the following year.

But Wilson is best known for serving as a trusted liaison who arranged the surrender of nearly two dozen criminal suspects to law enforcement officials. In March 1993 alone, two suspects involved in unrelated incidents contacted Wilson to arrange their surrenders. One was a 14-year-old boy wanted for questioning in a murder case who told Wilshon that he reached out to the reporter because of his “reputation for honesty.”

P.S. – Thanks to J-X for the heads up… I already saw it by the time you called me, though!

2 thoughts on “Warren Wilson retiring from KTLA”

  1. Nice item. Sad that Wilson won’t be there to help balance the cheese-mo quotient.

    I guess he wouldn’t have looked too good with a blonde dye job and a satin bustier giggling and shrieking on the beach.

  2. Haha.. wow. It’s weird to read stuff about your grandfather online and how he worked with people at a newstation.

    If you didn’t guess, I’m his grandson.

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