Making Parking Sausages In Silver Lake

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I went to tonightís Community Forum about adding parking meeting to some of the business areas of Silver Lake. Boy howdy is local government a good time. Hereís the skinny: Some local business owners went to Councilman Garcettiís office complaining that the lack of parking turnover in front of their shops was causing serious damage to their businesses. Garcettiís office asked the Department of Transportation to do a study, and what they came back with was putting parking meters in several of the highly trafficked areas, such as Sunset between Fountain and Rosemont, or Silver Lake Blvd. between Berkeley and Swan. This would be the first stage of a process that could eventually include turning some of the side streets into residential permit parking, and even the construction of parking facilities a few years down the line.

Resident reaction was mostly negative. Some of it was downright angry. The consensus among the anti-meter faction seemed to be a) putting meters will only cause the extra cars to migrate to the side streets and force residents to park further away from their homes, b) weíve paid for the streets already, why should we pay again and c) the business owners really arenít having a problem and it’s an excuse to make more money.

Acrimony bubbled under the surface for most of the meeting, and it poked its oily head up several times. A guy next to me kept muttering ìbullshitî under his breath. One woman declared that she would see parking meters in Silver Lake ìover her dead body.î

The whole thing seemed to boil down to whether or not you believe there is a parking shortage for Silver Lake businesses. What do you think? When youíre shopping, do you have trouble finding a place to park on Sunset? Hyperion? Silver Lake Blvd?

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  1. Compromise: put meters and then allow permit parking on the residential streets. I know, it’s like Melrose, but works for businesses and residents alike. Then start getting people to ride the friggin’ bus. I love issues where the Silver Lake love turns into throat-throttling “I hate you” time.

  2. I have lived in Silver Lake for the last 30 years and recently moved aaway. This is an example of why I have mixed feelings about not living there any more. I don’t miis the whole gentrification processwith snooty businesses moving in. I would love to see a parking structure and a good Dash bus system and encourage anyone to just walk.

  3. If they do put in meters it seems like it would make sense to have permit parking for a couple of blocks around those areas to prevent people from patking in the neighborhoods. However, they should work it like Hermosa Beach and have a certain number of meters that are painted some color that the residents with permits can park at without paying.

  4. I haven’t had much of a problem finding parking when I drive, except maybe on the weekends near certain restaurants. But I live near Silver Lake Blvd and the 101 and I mostly walk when I am going somewhere in the neighborhood.

    As Silver Lake becomes more populated parking will, of course, prove itself as more of a problem and heading it off at the pass will only help to make the growth easier. A combination of a structure, meters and permits would be optimal- more places to park, more regulated change over, and places for residents to park- but my natural disdain for the parking authority just doesn’t want to see more of those little white cars in the area.

  5. Somewhat tangental but just to balance what Katie said, I’d welcome more of those little white cars to the area ó at least on my street in SL where blocking my driveway has become the rule, not the exception. On average it takes a parking enforcement officer two hours to respond to my calls.

    More on topic I think it would pine-in-the-sky rock if a trolley line could be implemented to move people up and down Sunset from parking structures located at various points along the route. Yeah… and then I woke up.

  6. I’ve never had a problem parking. Putting meters in just seems to be another annoying part of dealing with the city. There’s never enough quarters…. and yes…we have already paid for the streets. Also, with permit parking, it’s a nightmare to visit people.

  7. I’ve never had a problem parking in the area. The only time I have problems parking, is on residential streets by my home, when the businesses (restaurants) have their valets park the cars of the restaurant-goers up in the neighborhood side streets, forcing us who live there to have to park up a few streets, which forces those who live *there* to park up a few streets … and so on. But at least the people at the Tantra bar on Saturday night don’t have to find their own parking.

    I think it’s a money-making thing.

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