Urban Art

In Vienna I like to blog a lot about tag kunst and street paintings. Now I’m walking around LA… and it seems it’s the Mekka of Urban Art. Can’t stop taking pictures.

For example this piece.


Maybe it’s just a 2.4 on your personal remarkableness scale…
…but I think I give it a clear 5.5.

Location: Echo Park.

5 thoughts on “Urban Art”

  1. Yes. Los Angeles is the mural capital of the world. lots of great murals like these, not only in Echo Park(my neck of the woods), but along the freeways and all over the city.

    Another good site:

    I’m glad that you are discovering this stuff – you have many many many days of good urban art hunting ahead of you if you continue on this path.

  2. Johannes, are you going to be posting to your flickr during your trip? I’d love to see more stuff as you experience LA (and you can share them with the b.la group!).

  3. My favorite public art is the series of portraits, including one of Hugh Heffner holding a rabbit, on the east side support columns of the 101 underpass on Glendale Blvd., 1/2 a block from the south end of the Echo Park lake.

  4. A friend pointed me at this entry. I was just visiting LA myself, and was totally digging on the public art.

    My favorite was this large old concrete wall that someone painted a huge Buddha in. They just took this old industrial something or other and turned it into a grotto.

    To see it:

    Head north on the pacific coast highway, and then hang a right on Topanga Canyon (rd, st, whatever–it’s obvious)

    I can’t remember how far in it is, but it’ll be on your right hand side, it’s HUGE, but could be missed if you’re not looking for it, as there are two cement sidewalls that taper down towards the street.

    I really wish I’d gotten a picture of it. If you happen to make it out there, please do post the pic.


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