There Are Heroes In These Days

I don’t often log in here to spout off on things that I feel fall into the “Must Read” realm, but if you’re not an L.A. Times subscriber and/or missed Jill Leovy’s page-one story in yesterday’s paper headlined “A Son’s Errand, Gunshots and the Quest for a Killer” then do try to click on over at some point and get a fill of the most riveting piece I’ve seen come out of the Times. Ever.

Leovy spent almost three months with Southest Division detectives. Over the course of the investigation into the murder of Jerry Wesley Jr. and from that experience and unfettered access she has delivered a story that gets on the inside in so many ways รณ from the heartbreak of notifying Wesley’s father of his son’s death, to the light she sheds on South L.A. communities. Most compelling of all is the mixed bag of detectives themselves, each dedicated and coping in their own ways, and all of them being forced to heroically work a staggering caseload with shockingly limited resources.

It is the kind of reporting that shouldn’t be missed and I hope to see more of in the Times.

One thought on “There Are Heroes In These Days”

  1. A great story, indeed, but the one about the kid who took the rap for a friend who killed his mom, well, that one was amazing. Let’s just say that I’m a sucker for true-crime stories.

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