Sunday’s best


Martin Cendreda and I were eating at some random ramen place in monterey park… talking mostly about indie comics, some of the art shows and other artists around town. He does his own comic and does freelance work for animation companies and magazines.

Having worked at the giant robot store in west la, it was simple enough to spot people trying to be hip by making a simple toy or t-shirt purchase (no need to talk too loud to explain to your friend or sig other why its cool to be there, and stop mispronouncing artist’s name when you tell me you’re such a big fan). And dropping, “Arcade Fire” won’t work anymore too since the band has appeared on the cover of Time magazine. So its somewhat refreshing when working in the outer reaches of the aptly entitled, City of Industry” (where trucker hats is attire, not a fashion trend) that when I sell a kozyndan print at the collectibles show/swap meet, the customer is usually unaware of the increasingly loud buzz surrounding them (because they usually ask me who the hell they are). They just like their art for no other reason than its pretty. So thats kind of cool. Although on occassion, some bro will insist on a discount (I already undersell the stores, I’m not underselling the artists themselves) and when I continuely refused, he responded with “who are they…are they famous”. Yes they are, now go away.

Don’t know if the masses will ever hear of Martin…not that I think he really cares or is even trying. He’ll spends most of the day drawing herbert the hound, watching over his grandmother Lola and hearing his wife yell in the background, “HUBBY!!!” And hopefully keep eating noodles with me on a lazy smilie day.

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  1. well jeeze, if you’ve only read it and never heard it said out loud, how are you supposed to know how to say it?

    i’m just sayin’.
    (damn you, ian mackaye!)

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