And then there’s wholly rollin’…

quake.jpgAnybody else feel that quake about 20 minutes ago? Kind of a gentle back and forth roller?

Apparently, there was a 5.6 out in the desert, followed by a cluster of microquakes. Could I really feel that all the way here in K-town?

Usually, all the neighbors come out and chit chat when there’s a quake-let. Now I’m wondering if it really happened or if I’m being gaslighted…

Quake map via USGS Earthquake Hazards Program page.

12 thoughts on “And then there’s wholly rollin’…”

  1. Nope, you’re not going crazy. I just felt that as well, and I’m out here in the *cough*valley*cough*. I told my room mates and they just looked at me crazy.

  2. I felt it in Downey, and my friend in Long Beach felt it as well. It woke me up, so I knew it was at least a 5 or larger.

  3. Yes, I was reading the paper when I felt the strangely familiar roll of the earth up here in South Pasadena.

    The kids didn’t notice, but I sure did.

  4. Yep! I felt it. I’m between Bev Hills and Beverlywood, just E of Century City. My computer desk shook briefly, paused, then did it again.

  5. When you feel a quake, it’s helpful to report it to the USGS on their “Did You Feel It?” page where you log the effects in your area. It helps the USGS plan emergency services. Also, even if you didn’t feel it, you can check the color coded map it generates that shows where it was felt and where it did damage.

  6. Yup – I’m on Idaho and 12th in Santa Monica and it lasted for about 4 seconds or so. Felt like some giant invisible hand was shaking my entire building from side to side.

  7. Yeah, I looked at my time on the PC and it said 8:43am when I felt the first tremor, then a second stronger one a few seconds later; felt like my apartment building was rearended by another apartment building at about 3mph! Heard it wake up a lady next door. This was in Studio City.

    Am retreating to Inland Empire cabin so that I will be in a good position to buy new beachfront real estate after the Apocalypse (idea taken from -Lex Luther’s California Real Estate Guide- :)

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