My Councilperson Can Kick Your Councilperson’s Butt

garcetti.jpgI won’t be surprised if I’m accused of being a blathering bullhorn for the goodness that is L.A. City Councilman Eric Garcetti (pictured at right busting out with his famed acapello rendition of “Volare” at the opening last year of the Edendale branch of the L.A. Public Library), but I just can’t help it: the guy rocks the 13th District, the greater L.A. area (and let’s not forget parts of the arctic as well).

Case in point: For whatever reason the fine city sanitation engineers that normally drive by every Wednesday morning to pick up our black trash cans… well, this week they didn’t. Missed my block completely. The green cans of mine and my neighbors got emptied. So did the blue cans. But the black cans were left undumped. I decided to give the benefit of doubt ó maybe the oversight resulted from technical or mechincal difficulties or whatever ó and hoped they’d come back to take care of business the next day.

Nope. By the time I got home from work Thursday the black cans up and down the street were still standing like stoic sentinels of stank. First thing I did when I got inside was dig out the white pages and dial up the sanitation bureau’s phone number (800/773-2489), but of course it was after hours and all I got was an outbound recording telling me as much. In desperation I sent Garcetti an email apologizing for bothering him with such a somewhat trivial matter but nevertheless begging for any assistance he could provide.

And of course he could. Early Friday morning I got a direct reply that he was putting a staffer on the job to make sure the pick-ups were made, and when I arrived home Friday afternoon the cans were drained. Thanks, Eric!

Photo borrowed from Eric Garcetti’s website


6 thoughts on “My Councilperson Can Kick Your Councilperson’s Butt”

  1. I have to say , My councilwoman could probably “literaly” kick your councilpersons butt. She is a kickboxer. I love my councilwoman.

    But Eric GArcetti is my second most liked Council Person.

    It was he who provided lunch for the Town Criers and the kids at the workshop for the kids and the Town Crier Compeition.

    Because of his support Echo Park now has an official LA CITY Town Crier: the Edendale library/Echo Park Town Crier.

    Yep , Thanks Eric GArcetti for being responsive and cool.

    DOn’t forget the new town crier still needs their resolutions ERIC.

  2. I totally have councilperson-envy. I don’t even know who mine is, but I doubt he/she is anywhere near as cool as Eric.

  3. Councilman Garcetti’s responsiveness is quite commendable. Kudos to him and his staff.

    LA residents may be interested to know that missed trash pickups can be addressed by filling out the Department of Sanitation’s service request form at

    I’ve used that form to report a missed pickup, to request bulky-item pickups, and to request replacement of damaged containers. Service has always been prompt and efficient.

    Lisa (and anyone else who wants to know who their councilperson is):

    If you go to the main LA City web page at and enter your address in the My Neighborhood search box (down toward the bottom of the page on the right), you’ll get a page with a whole bunch of useful neighborhood-specific information, including links to your city councilperson and other elected representaives.

    Most of these things can also be handled by using the city’s One Call to City Hall service – just dial 311. Operators are available 24 hours a day.

    [I’m not affiliated with the city government, by the way – I just thought y’all might find this info useful.]

  4. I always tell everyone I know about how amazing Eric Garcetti is. He has helped me personally on a number of occasions and I always receive an immediate response when I email him. He even requested to meet with me when the City was giving my landlord a hard time and all of the tenants were being threatened with ridiculous needless repairs.

    He’s kind, sweet, dedicated, real and cares an awful lot about the community. REALLY! I couldn’t be more thankful to live in Silver Lake. Viva la Garcetti!

  5. Glen, after I wrote my comment, I got all inspired to discover my councilperson’s identity, so I already figured it out. It looks like Tom LaBonge is the guy, so I signed up for his email newsletter. If he’s doing half as much cool stuff as Eric Garcetti, I want to know about it.

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