Mommie, dearest?

So I roll out of bed at the crack of eleven yesterday and head outside to the car to go grab some…well, whatever they’re serving at that time of day, and find this photocopied piece of paper stuck under the windshield wiper. Stuck, in fact, under EVERYONE’S windshield wiper up my block (in an undisclosed location adjacent to K-town) and the block perpendicular to mine.

I immediately (well, immediately several hours into the following day) called my Korean-fluent friend, Susan, who says it loosely translates to “I want to see my mother” or “Mother, I miss you” and no, it didn’t make sense to her, either.

E v e r y windshield. Anyone know what’s up with that? Anyone? Bueller?

3 thoughts on “Mommie, dearest?”

  1. I work in an office builing on the corner of Wilshire and Kenmore in Korae town and in our “secure” parking garage they were all over the car windshields. What up?

  2. Damned if I know, Susan. I was posting here hoping against hope that one of our savvy readers would have the skinny.

    And Spencer, frame-able output is yours…for a price….

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