Hyatt Workers on Strike

The Builtmore might be safe again but the Rock and Roll Hyatt on the Sunset strip definitely is not. 120 employees just walked out, and could be joined by a heck of a lot of other hotels very soon.

“Hundreds of workers at the Hyatt West Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles went on strike today for two weeks in protest of the hotel’s refusal to return the thousands of dollars in healthcare co-pays the hotel collected from the workers over a period of eight months after their contract expired in April. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) now alleges that the hotels collected this money illegally. Approximately 500 of the nearly 2,500 housekeepers, bellman, dishwashers, waiters, and other hotel workers at the seven employer council hotels lost their health insurance because they did not or could not make payments.”

More details can be found here. There’s a rally tonight at 5pm, more details after the jump.

UPDATE: And… It’s over! Josh Kamensky writes in and says: “They negotiated through the night, apparently, and announced it at 5:30 this morning. The contract includes everything they wanted, including maintenance of full family health benefits, 15 cent immediate raise, 25 cents raise per hour each of the next two years. Most importantly, it’s a two-year retroactive contract, meaning that the hotel workers will finally be able to bargain nationally — the main point that they fought for this whole time.”

This morning at 4:30am workers at the Hyatt West Hollywood Hotel walked out on strike to protest alleged unfair labor practices of the hotel management.
These include illegally instituting co-payments for health insurance that left an estimated 500 families without health coverage.
The National Labor Relations Board is going to take this hotel and the other six, who now make up the Hotel Employer’s Council to trial, but litigation can take years. Meanwhile, the hotels won’t give the money back, money that means a lot to these low-wage workers and nothing to the hotels.
Dishwashers, housekeepers, bellmen, front desk staff and cooks are standing up for their legal rights from the large corporations which own and run these hotels.

“When the hotels started charging me for my healthcare I was really upset. I am
a single mother with three kids. I am already struggling as it is,” explained
Morena Hernandez, a housekeeper at the Hyatt West Hollywood for 8 years. “While
I was paying for the health insurance, I had to cut back on groceries and bus
tokens for my daughter to use to get to school. Ten dollars a week might be
just a little for some people, but it’s a lot for me. I want that money back”

On the first day of this strike, help send a strong message to the Hotel Employers Council that they cannot break federal law and ignore their employees’ legal rights.
Paid parking is available up and down the Sunset Strip. There is also a public parking lot on Santa Monica Blvd and Kings Road. Carpooling is encouraged.
As the strike continues, community members are encouraged to bring snacks and drinks to boost morale. And to make contributions to the Worker Hardship Fund, please go to ** More updates to follow.