The Trouble With Trash Cans

sltrash.jpgLast March I blogged here about an exhibit called ARTcan! that showcased the works of various area artists commissioned by the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council’s beautification committee that would be adorning refuse receptacles to be installed along a stretch of Sunset Boulevard.

Weeeeeeell, the cans landed a few weeks ago and while they do accomplish a level of beautification by bringing mosaic tile splashes of color and design goodness to the often stark vicinities they decorate, they also suffer from that unfortunate byproduct of being a garbage pail: they get filled up to overflowing with people’s crap thereby creating improvisational and evolving art pieces in their own right. I call this one at right, found at the bottom of the Micheltorena steps, “Turquoise Slide With Corn Cobs.”

One thought on “The Trouble With Trash Cans”

  1. Hope y’all can make the next Silver Lak Neighborhood Council’s Beautification Meeting (the volunteer group of your neighbors and local businesses that organized and found money for the new trash cans):

    JUNE 20TH, 7 PM

    We’ll be talking about the trash cans, what works and doesn’t, and perhaps trying another round of cans (writing grants, organizing artists and local school kids, etc).

    Also – FREE TREES for your house/apartment/business, and for your street/neighborhood. Come find out how…It’s easy.

    Hope you all can make it!

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