X playing at the LA Weekly Music Awards

If you don’t already have plans for June 14th, you do now. X will be playing at the LA Weekly Music Awards at the Henry Fonda Theater. The SG News Wire reports that they won’t be walking away empty handed.

“So it’s no surprise that they’ll receive a long over-due Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s annual LA Weekly Music Awards along with Brian Wilson, legendary KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer, and songwriter Jeff Barry, who co-wrote with his wife, Ellie Greenwich, and producer Phil Spector ‘Be My Baby’ for the Ronettes and ‘River Deep, Mountain High’ — made famous by Tina Turner.”

They go on to say there’s no word if Billy Zoom will be playing with the band or not, but that there’s no difference which having seen X with and without Mr. Zoom I have to call bullshit on. There’s a HUGE difference. However, luckily most of their recent appearances have with with Zoom so I think there’s a good chance of him being there to dish out the rock.

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  1. I haven’t seen any recent X gigs, but they did play a few shows in a bar I was working at about 10-12 years ago (w/Tony Gilkyson, not Billy Zoom.) Awesome! If I’m back in L.A. by the 14th, I’m definitely making it to this show. If you’ve ever been a fan, not just of punk but of music, you shouldn’t miss X live.

    PS– I saw John Doe dancing around the dressing room in his underpants. I’d tell the story, but there’s a visual that just doesn’t translate to text.

  2. Ohhh, those were the days. The first time I saw X was at The Hong Kong Cafe downtown. They were so loud that the electrial fuses kept blowning. Instead of turning down the volume, they turned off all the lights in the place! What a great friggin’ show (it also included a chair being thrown *through* the second story glass window)!

    I saw the band at least 30 times after that, probably a lot more, almost ALWAYS with Billy Zoom. He was always a jerk to me, unlike the rest of the band, but anybody who claims there’s no difference between the with-Zoom version of X and the non-Zoom version is showing their severe ignorance with regards to the band.

    This is a long overdue honor, along with getting a star on the walk. I hope the show goes well.

    If you didn’t hear, John Doe was on NPR’s Weekend Edition yesterday, talking about books.


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