Notes on Jury Duty

We all got to leave relatively early from jury duty this afternoon. I really would’ve liked to be done with this today, but I guess I’m out of luck. Not because I don’t want to do it, but because my employer doesn’t pay me for any days and I don’t have enough vacation time to cover a typical five to seven day trial. Which, for those of you that are always claiming you can get out because you’re self-employed or whatever, they don’t give a shit about. But really, I just wanted to mention two things that came up today that I thought were interesting. For one, did you know that you can donate your daily stipend and mileage fees? There are three funds you can pick from. One for neglected children, one for improving the jury assembly rooms and one for (this brings me to my second point) Juror Appreciation Week. According to the jury clerk, Juror Appreciation Week is the second full week in May. They have donuts and cake and door prizes and all kinds of dorky stuff to make you feel appreciated. So next time you get a summons, call in and postpone until the second week of May. At least you might score a door prize.