Attack Of The Killer Bloggers!

Today’s edition of The L.A. Times Magazine (at least the San Fernando Valley edition) had as its cover story, “The Southern California Survival Guide: 39 ways to cope with L.A.’s daily dangers.”

They had tips for what to do if someone steals your:
– Cellphone
– Identity
– Car
– Mail
– Screenplay (this being L.A., it figures)

And they also had tips for what to do if you’re attacked by:
– Dog
– Mountain Lion
– Carjacker
– Kidnapper
– Mugger
– Blogger(!)

Because yes, we bloggers are so malicious!

If someone with too much time on his hands calls you something awful on his websiteĆ³say, a Dale Earnhardt Jr. groupie or a remorseless wasabi junkieĆ³it’s as libelous and as actionable as if someone called you that in this magazine. If the insult isn’t that clear-cut, or you’re not prepared to go nuclear, you might try a maneuver suggested by Ken Layne, editor of the news blog Set up your own blog devoted to your many sterling qualities, and get all your friends to contribute. “That way, their compliments will drive the other guy’s criticism way down your Google listings,” Layne says.