Where in the World?

A little before 7 PM this evening I felt a microquake in Silverlake. Of course it was so tiny few other people noticed it except those right on top of the quake and it reminded me of a fun little way to look up the EXACT epicenter of a quake.

The USGS provides the quake epicenter as coordinates. Mapquest allows you to look up coordinates on a standard street map. Grab the current quake off the USGS Recent Quakes site and plug it in an voila! You’ve got a location you can drive to! Of course if someone knows an easier way to do this and if Google Maps supports coordinates, please leave a comment. (Yes, there is a topozone link from the USGS site, but I find that it doesn’t always work for some reason.)

The quake today (a puny 1.9) was in Atwater Village in the block of Greensware Road between Tyburn and Glendale Blvd.

8 thoughts on “Where in the World?”

  1. You are the most quake-aware person in the world! One Point Nine? That’s the seismic equivalent of me jumping rope in the backyard.

  2. Wow… I actually felt this too. I wrote it off to someone in my complex slamming their door too hard :)

  3. My favorite website for plotting maps via latitude and longitude is the Acme Mapper. Play with the pull down menus to see how easily the data can be manipulated.

    Knowledge is Power.

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    Brian Humphrey
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    Los Angeles Fire Department

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  4. great info here. i felt this yesterday as i was sitting at my computer – i thought to myself, “was that a quake?” – i dismissed it as a truck slamming a door or something outside and went back to business. nice to know that it was actually a quake.

  5. Thanks Brian and NVONFLUE – I didn’t know about the Acme Mapper and had no idea the Terraserver did coordinates. Super resources!

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