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Lasorda_Tommy.jpg Here’s what perennial Dodger Tommy Lasorda has to say on his blog: “I’ve told thousands of baseball stories, and I’ve got a lot more to share with you. Please join me all this season to talk some baseball here on my official MLBlog.”

He started a couple of months ago, reminiscing about Jackie Robinson:

“When you hear talk of a five-tool player nowadays, you have to look at Jackie as the prototype. He could beat you with his bat, he could beat you with his legs and he could beat you with his arm. More than anything though, he wanted to beat you bad if you weren’t wearing a Dodger uniform. So much so that when he was traded to the Giants at the end of his career, instead of reporting, he quit because he hated them so much he just refused to go into their clubhouse.”

Smart man, that Jackie Robinson. ;) Seriously, though, Tommy’s blog is very entertaining, with entries on a talk with Willie Mays, how not to behave at the park, new Dodgers, being in a slump — all peppered with good-natured homerism, which is how it should be. There’s also an appropriate list of restaurant links in the sidebar, plus tons of old photos.

This is part of the new MLBlogs server. Recently, I also happened across the aptly named “root for the home team” blog, which is the “unofficial weblog of the Unix Systems team.” It’s good to see MLB reaching out further with the technology… now if they could only stream the game audio broadcasts for free….

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  1. MLB Gameday is a pretty good deal, even if not free. 15 bucks for the season, every game, all games.

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