This Month’s LA Blog War: Roderick vs. Mailander

There’s a crazy LA Blog war brewing and it doesn’t involve us or LAist (who still won’t add us to their blogroll). Kevin Roderick just dropped a bomb on Joseph Mailander who ironically enough I first heard about because of a post on LA Observed.

“My post yesterday about the Daily Breeze story on Fernando Guerra prompted a blast at me from blogger Joseph Mailander, suggesting my motivation for linking to the story was—get this—anti-Latino racism because I’m supposedly “a suburban white guy.” In two years of blogging, nobody has written more inaccurate trash about me than Mailander’s tripe. I know from his email and the timing of his rants that he’s bitter I don’t link to him more. Lately he invented the racist thing, apparently to attack posts that did not sufficiently praise Antonio Villaraigosa. I know we’re supposed to laugh this stuff off—especially from idiots like Mailander—and when I get legitimate criticism I usually note it and move on. But I don’t take talk of racism lightly, and I also don’t want to encourage Mailander to tell more lies. So this time, I called him on it, pointed out he’s the most unethical blogger I’ve ever encountered, and asked that he back up his words with facts. He declined, but an exchange ensued here where I made my point, if sloppily. For background, here’s some history, some of Mailander’s legacy in the comments here that prompted a few L.A. Observed readers to call him anti-Semitic, and Marc Cooper’s post about earlier Mailander antics. Sorry, I don’t usually do personal stuff here—and believe me, I won’t be making a habit of it.”