palmOne gets the LA Smackdown

This applies to people all over but since it’s happening in our backyard I thought I’d mention it here as well. The Los Angeles Superior Court is finally laying down the law on some PDAs that haven’t been working right for, oh, about 6 years. Back in 1999 a bunch of people who owned Palm m100, M125 & m125 handhelds noticed that sometimes when they would replace the batteries all their info would be lost. Which isn’t a good thing for a PDA. So they they started asking and it’s taken this long to get an answers. Here’s the details and claim forms but if this applies to you and all goes well you should be able to get a new model pretty soon. Nothing like speedy service.

[via allaboutpalm]

One thought on “palmOne gets the LA Smackdown”

  1. I totally have one of these, and this is probably why I stopped using it. (I know it lost some info, and I think it was battery related.) It’s not doing me any good in my desk drawer, so maybe I’ll mail it in just to see what they send me…

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