Larchmont Charter School :: Book Donations


The Larchmont Charter School is building their library and is putting a call out for donations. So if you or anyone you know has books in the K-6 grade range that their child has outgrown, please drop them off at either of the two designated location drop offs below. Additionally, Paul Kopeikin Gallery will be hosting a benefit photography auction in the near future with proceeds going towards the school. I’ll keep you posted.

Paul Kopeikin Gallery :: 6150 Wilshire Boulevard
Village Footwear Kids :: 115 North Larchmont
*If you have a lot of books call Paul Kopekein @ 323-937-0765 for a pick up.

3 thoughts on “Larchmont Charter School :: Book Donations”

  1. I hate to be glib here, but isn’t this one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the city? Ever take a look at the multi-million dollar homes around Larchmont? Seems sort of strange for these people to be asking for handouts.

  2. The Charter School IS a public school. Not everyone in Larchmont, and its’ surrounding neighborhoods live in million dollar mansions and can afford $20,000 a year for private schools. The middle class (highest tax bracket) deserves a good public education, too!!!!

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