Larchmont Charter School :: Book Donations


The Larchmont Charter School is building their library and is putting a call out for donations. So if you or anyone you know has books in the K-6 grade range that their child has outgrown, please drop them off at either of the two designated location drop offs below. Additionally, Paul Kopeikin Gallery will be hosting a benefit photography auction in the near future with proceeds going towards the school. I’ll keep you posted.

Paul Kopeikin Gallery :: 6150 Wilshire Boulevard
Village Footwear Kids :: 115 North Larchmont
*If you have a lot of books call Paul Kopekein @ 323-937-0765 for a pick up.

3 thoughts on “Larchmont Charter School :: Book Donations”

  1. I hate to be glib here, but isn’t this one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the city? Ever take a look at the multi-million dollar homes around Larchmont? Seems sort of strange for these people to be asking for handouts.

  2. I’m sure if you wanted to donate books to any public school, they’d be more than happy to take them.

  3. The Charter School IS a public school. Not everyone in Larchmont, and its’ surrounding neighborhoods live in million dollar mansions and can afford $20,000 a year for private schools. The middle class (highest tax bracket) deserves a good public education, too!!!!

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