Blogebrity Hits The Big Time

Whether you feel huggy or buggy ’bout the buzzworthy Blogebrity there’s no denying it’s making people sit up and take notice. Case in point: the “Blogwatch” badge inside this week’s issue of Time magazine:

Bloggers are all the rage, but some tipping point of self-absorption may have been reached with BLOGEBRITY, a new site toasting the blogosphere’s in crowd. The site’s two twentysomething founders have created an A list of blogging stars (like WONKETTE’S Ana Marie Cox and Jason Kottke of KOTTKE.ORG), followed by hundreds of B and C listers. A post later lamented that blogging has lost its hip factor, but Blogebrity’s founders are just getting going. Next up: plans for a print magazine and TV program featuring inside dish on bloggers. The A listers, anyway.

Looking forward to all that delish dish on’s own Blogebrity A-listers: Sean “I forgot my phone” Bonner and Wil “I’m feeling better…really” Wheaton. Me? I’m a charity case C-lister. The only dish I’ll get served is grumble pie.

5 thoughts on “Blogebrity Hits The Big Time”

  1. Personally, I prefer grumblecakes to grumble pie. but what do I know? they haven’t invented the letter for the list I’m on.

  2. This is one of those times when a giant orbiting terraforming laser death satellite would come in real handy.

    Since I’m a z-list blogebrity with a livejournal blog I can’t even promote myself here! Oh well!

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