Is there a doctor in the house?

I don’t know if I’m fighting off the flu, anemic, or cursed with some rare disease that will end up being named after me (Kathleenemia? McGivneyitis?), but I’ve been feeling mighty crappy lately. Fortunately for my friends but unfortunately for my referral needs, nobody I know feels crappy enough to be able to refer me to a good doctor that deals with general crappiness. So, once again, I turn to the wonderful readers and authors for help.

I’m looking for a general practitioner that has a holistic approach – I’ve got a handful of diverse symptoms, and so far, seeing specialists to deal with each symptom hasn’t solved anything (and may in fact have made things worse). I’d like a doctor that’ll try and find the root cause of the whole mess. Most importantly, I need a doctor that will listen to me and take my symptoms, experiences, and observations about the goings-on in my own body seriously. I am sick (heh) of doctors who don’t listen or who dismiss my concerns without addressing them.

So, does anyone have a great doctor they can recommend? Or is there a referral service that you know of in the L.A. area? The provider search that my insurance company provides just lists general information, and I’d like personal testimonials, if I can get ’em.

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  1. Have you checked out ? Maybe you don’t need a doctor, maybe you can troubleshoot this yourself.

  2. Stu: Yes, I have, and the problem is that the particular combo platter of symptoms I have require a doctor’s intervention. This isn’t over the counter remedy stuff. I’ve been to two GPs and three specialists and I really just want one doctor that actually listens and can help.

  3. Brian Madden or any of his partners — especially Jennifer Chinn and Diana Taylor — at Peak Health Group in Santa Monica. Their URL is They’re young, UCLA-tarined, aggressive and get the holistic thing. Brian’s an MD, but he and my chiropractor cooperate. Brian and the gang also understand the value of integrating Eastern and Western medicine when needed. Feel free to email me at lee at lifedoeswork dot com for more info.

  4. I used to have a great doctor. His name was Mitchell Becker. He was the best physician I ever had. Unfortunately, he doesn’t stopped being a primary care physician for any insurance companies. So if you go to him, you have to pay him and submit your bills to your insurance co. for reimbursement. His office # is 310.828.4461 is you want to check him out.

  5. I have Blue Cross and used Pacific Oaks Medical Group. I have seen three different doctors with the group and found them all competent and nice. They also did more then suggest JUST meds but also lifestyle changes and/or home remedies.

    My boyfriend and I’s favorite of the bunch was Dr. Rogolsky though.

    Their number is 310-652-2562.

    The only down side is the parking in their building is a little expensive and they don’t validate.

  6. Well, I have to say the best doctor I have EVER encountered is Dr. Sarom Khalsa310-274-6200. He’s expensive, you have to pay upfront and then get reimbursed from your insurance…but 4 years ago, I got a very weird parasite while I was camping (!) and I went to FIVE doctors…who didn’t know what to do. Dr. Khalsa is an internist who also does holistic medicine…one of the perks of going to him is that you get acupuncture with every visit (he has an acupuncturist on staff) . He keep trying different combinations of medicines when I wasn’t responding and finally hit on one (a very obscure one that he had to research) which ended up curing me. It was so difficult a case that in fact one doctor, the head of UCLA tropical diseases told me that they couldn’t do anything….I just had to live with it!!!! Sooooo, for my money, Khalsa is the way to go. Again….he’s expensive and it takes about a month to get a first consultation (then you get in like a breeze once you are a patient). You have to really be disciplined about changing your diet (he’s really big on what goes in affects every organ) and herbs and supplements. As a patient, you have to be committed to your heatlh….but I feel he saved my life.

  7. Kathleen, did you ever get this resolved? I’m seeking a similar doctor, someone who can look deeper than writing a prescription.

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