Coop Hearts Musso & Frank Grill

Coop just posted what could probably be considered a love note to Musso & Frank Grill. He and Ruth really are there every week like clockwork, and I’ve even gone with them once or twice to take park of the one or two vegan options on the menu. But this isn’t my rant, it’s his, and he says:

“In a city where the nineties is considered the ancient past, and you’re considered washed-up at age twenty-five, Musso & Frank is a complete anomaly, having been in business continuously since 1919. Still owned by the descendents of the original owners, not much has changed in the last 86 years. It’s been in the same location, with pretty much the same menu for all that time. The waiters are WAITERS, not actors, serious middle-aged men who practice their chosen profession with the same skill and gravitas of a matador or brain surgeon. (Sergio, who has been our regular waiter for all this time, is like a member of the family at this point.) Some folks say they’re cranky, but I’ve never seen it. Maybe if your idea of dining out is Burger King, their red jackets and no-nonsense demeanor can seem intimidating, but if you’re a regular, who appreciates and respects excellent service, (my drink is always waiting for me at our table when we arrive) these fine men are nothing but angelic.”

Man, now I want to go back again.